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Insulating LATEX gloves STANDARD : EC Category : III Irreversible risks EN 60903-2003 and IEC 903-2002 USE : Must be used with a leather overglove. This article can be washed with soap and water at a temperature below 65°C. The gloves must be dried thoroughly at a temperature below 65°C. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Beige natural latex insulating glove for electricians. Class 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Cut edge.
Laboratory gloves / insulated / mechanical protection / latex TGCL00 - TGCL0 LV insulating COMPOSITE chlorinated gloves class 00 and 0 - Length 360mm STANDARD : CE CATEGORY: III Irreversible risks EN 60 903 : 2003 ; CEI 903 : 2002 USE : For electrical work with a maximum voltage of 500 volts (classe 00) and 1 000 volts (classe 0) Can be used without overglove. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Natural latex insulating glove. Chlorinated inside. Outside in orange polychloroprene. Class 00 and 0. RC Category, with mechanical protection.
Construction safety boots / heat-resistant / waterproof / leather EN ISO 20345 : 2011 (Marking SB P E WRU FO HRO SRC) ASTM F 2413-11 (outsole tested up to 20KV) USE Recommended for applications in electrical industry. Electrical network and oil & gas industry. Dielectric outsole in dry environment. ADAVANTAGES -Waterproof Resistant Upper -100 % Metal free for lightness -Heat-resistant outsole system -Reflective insert -Dielectric outsole with resistance up to 20 KV TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS -Upper : grain leather with PU coating, waterproof, black color, breathable 3D lining, paded tongue with bellows, -OutSole : bidensity with polyurethane and rubber with dielectric insert, and resistant to hydrolysis, to heat contact up to 300°C, to hydrocarbons and to abrasion, shock absorption at the heel, and anti-slipping SRC (SRA + SRB). Electrical resistance : regarding ASTM F2413-11 / CSA Z195-14 standard – 1 kV/sec – voltage 20.000V/60 Hz – duration 1 minute, with Leakage current less than 1 mA. Additional specific insock : removable, anatomic, antistatic and antibacterial. -Protection devices : •Safety toecap 200J metal free, light and isothermal, •Anti-puncture midsole with high tenacity fabric for better flexibility
STANDARD : Helmet: EN 397, EN 50365 1000 V Screen: EN 166 - EN167 - EN168 - EN170 GS-ET-29 CE marking USE : Intended for systems electricians (operation, industry, offices etc.) Designed for protection from short circuits and their effects. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Helmet : - Polyethylene outer and inner shells. - Replaceable black textile harness. - Side and central inserts for the attachment of accessories (ear muffs, head lamps ...). - Replaceable absorbent antiperspirant headband. - Head size: 53 - 62 cm. Screen: - Polycarbonate material, thickness: 1, 5 mm. - Optical quality class 1: distortion free for permanent wear. - Protection against high-speed particles. - Protection against liquid splashes. - Protection against electric arc from short circuit. - Anti-fog treated. - Anti-scratching treated. - Marking: 2-1, 2 SFE 1 B 8-1-0-K 3. Helmet delivered without accessory. ADVANTAGES : Screen far enough away from the face to allow the wearing of glasses . Optical quality class 1 screen: better vision during long term works. The face is fully covered thanks to the size of the screen. The crash box absorbs shocks up to 40% of the kinetic energy from impact to prevent head contusions. Screen is easy to manipulate with insulated gloves. 4-point chinstrap provides an excellent fit of the helmet. Automatic buckle on chinstrap for rapid closing and opening. Automatic release of the screen by lateral pressure. Head size adjustment made by turning the headband knob. TABLE LEGEND : Other colors available on request. Side/front marking available on request.
POWER TEAM HYDRAULIC HOSE PIPE , 6 FOOT 10000 PSI 1/4" HOSE WITH HALF COUPLER Two ply rated hose reinforced with two braids of high tensile steel wire. Rubber covering is oil and weather resistant. MSHA approved. Plastic hose guards on each end with male pipe fittings., SPECIFICATIONS Hose I.D. 1/4" Length 6'' End Fittings 3/8" NPT Coupler Half 9798 male coupler Pressure Operating 10000 PSI Pressure Burst 20000 PSI
Hydraulic battery Operated Cutter Detail:- Length : 344 mm Weight : 2.8 kgs(w/o battery) / 3.2 kgs(2.0Ah battery included) ■ Specifications: Drive unit : 18V DC motor Charger (GS/CE) : Input voltage : 110V single phase AC Input voltage : 230V single phase AC Input frequency : 50~60Hz Reservoir capacity : 48 cc ■ Cutting capacity : Max pressure : 700 bar Oil required : 25 cc Max output : 6.7 tons / 66 kN Wire rope 6x7 : 24 mm Wire rope 6x12 : 24 mm Wire rope 6x19 : 24 mm Soft copper bar : 23 mm Soft aluminum bar : 24 mm Soft steel bar : 16 mm Cu strands : 24 mm Al strands : 24 mm ACSR : 24 mm ※Cutting of piano wire is prohibited.
Kudos Hydraulic Puller Height : 351mm (w/o jaws) Weight : 9.6 kgs ■ Specifications : Max. pressure : 700 bar Oil required : 190 cc Max. output : 12.7 tons / 125 kN Ram stroke : 80 mm ■ Features : Self-contained hydraulic puller, extra hand pump, hydraulic hose and coupler are not required, easy to use and allow operating by one person. 2/3 jaws combination puller head as jaws can be installed with 2 or 3 jaws as changeable type against the limited space. Jaws proceed with forging made parts and special treatment for providing best strength and ling life use. 360˚ rotary handle swivel slevis allows pumping at all directions. Unique safety valve designed to reduce the risk of the puller overload by limiting the applied force. Complete hydraulic puller allows effortless generation of force and dismounting. The spring-loaded centre point of the hydraulic spindle allows easy centering the puller on the shaft. ■ Accessories : Plastic carrying case
KUDOS GEAR DRIVEN CUTTER Detail Height : 317 mm Weight : 2.6 kgs ■ Specifications : Drive unit : 14.4V DC motor Charger (BOCSH) : Input voltage : KC-50-120 110V single phase AC Input voltage : KC-50-230 230V single phase AC Input frequency : 50~60 Hz Input current : 21.75 VA ■ Cutting Capacity : Max cable diameter : Nonferrous 50 mm ■ Accessories : KuDos plastic carrying case 14.4V Battery, 110V or 230V Charger ※For reference only Model no. Specification 600V-CV325 mm²; (31 mm OD) Polyethylene cable 600V-CV150 mm²; x 3 (46 mm OD) 600V-CV500 mm²; (38 mm OD) 6KV-CVT500 mm²; (45 mm OD) Multi-core vinyl insulation cable VVR150 mm²; (47 mm OD) 3 core Soft copper cable IV500mm²; (35 mm OD) Hard copper cable 150mm²; (21 mm OD)
Kudos Hydraulic Cutting Heads Kudos Hydraulic Cutting Heads Description:- Length : 544 mm, Weight : 12.7 kgs ■ Specifications : Max pressure : 700 bar, Oil required : 140 cc, Max output : 8.8 tons / 87 kN ■ Cutting capacity :, Cu strands : 42 mm, Al strands : 46 mm, CCP cable : 100 mm ※Cutting of piano wire is prohibited. ■ Features : Functional handle for convenient operation. Lock pin type cutting head. Fast cutting with remote operation Operated any hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 700 bar (10000psi) Blades are easily replaceable Single action cylinder with spring return. ■ Accessories : Carrying bag