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PowerTeam Low Profile Hydraulic Jack 5 to 150 ton 700 bar ( 10, 000 psi)
Single Acting Hollow plunger Cylinder 12 To 100 ton capacity 700 bar ( 10, 000 psi)
Full Body Harnesses Using the latest computer aided design techniques coupled with the development of prototypes through the use of rapid prototyping methods, Ridgegear is able to combine new designs with tried and tested components benefiting the end user with improved functionality and the knowledge that Ridgegear's products give absolute security. Every harness is fully adjustable allowing quick and easy adjustment using fittings made from a high tensile alloy. Front & Rear 'D' Rescue Harness - RGH5 Designed for use as a confined access harness. The front and rear attachment points can be used as standard fall arrest points and the rescue strap can be used for lifting and lowering. Suitable for use with fall arrest/recovery blocks. EN 361 & EN 1497. Front & Rear 'D' Elasticated Harness - RGH9 Elasticated webbing provides additional comfort and support during use. Also fitted with a rear dee and a chest mounted front dee. Utilising the front dee, the harness can be fitted with a rope and grab system for vertical fall protection. EN 361. Fast Fit Harness - RGH12 This harness is the ideal solution where rapid and simplistic donning is crucial. Comprises front and rear 'D' rings for the purpose of fall arrest, and provides the perfect solution where speed and extra comfort is preferred. EN361. Multi Task Comfort Harness - RGH16 Comfortable harness designed for operatives who spend long hours working at height and in exposed areas. Ventral front 'D' sit suspension with rear and side attachment. EN358, 361 & EN813.
Insulating LATEX gloves STANDARD : EC Category : III Irreversible risks EN 60903-2003 and IEC 903-2002 USE : Must be used with a leather overglove. This article can be washed with soap and water at a temperature below 65°C. The gloves must be dried thoroughly at a temperature below 65°C. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Beige natural latex insulating glove for electricians. Class 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Cut edge.
Noiseless Pneumatic Torque Wrench Angle Type Torque range :- 135 to 10800 nm Suaitable For Continuos working , low noise Air supply : 6 bar compressed air, max consumption is 600/min preset torque , output and repeat accuraccy more suitable for limited working space compared to the straight type with manual 2 speed gearbox high / low speed can be shifted freely equiped with brake systems to protect the operator 135 to 10800 nm
Power Team shorty Cylinder 10-250 ton High Pressure 700 bar ( 10, 000 psi)
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump “Premium Manufacturers of AODD pumps for handling hazardous waste and chemicals” Our mission is accomplished through professional and ethical relationships with our valued customers. We consistently strive to improve our customer satisfaction rating, and competitive advantage through; proactive behaviour, quality products, and market driven processes, thereby allowing our organisation to increase market share.
Digital Electric Torque Systems with LCD ( angle Type ) Torque Capacity:- 100- 12000 nm Input 220-240 v ac-50/60hz Preset torque and automatic shutoff when reaching the set Torque High output and repeat Accuracy Digital Torque Control Systems with LCD display With Manual Two Speed gear box, high /Low speed can be shifted freely more suaitable for limited working space compared to the straight type Industrial Design, Good Continuos Working ability Double Insulation, More Safe
Sibille Fameca Electric presents MC4CE isolated pliers. These are universal and composite pliers featuring ceramic blades. They comply with the EN 60900/IEC60900 standard. The pliers are fully insulating. They are particularly useful for low voltage operations in narrow areas where any accidental short circuit poses a severe threat to staff and property. MC4CE pliers do not have any metallic components. Their blades are entirely ceramic. They are lightweight with roughly 2/3rds of weight of conventional universal pliers. Their composite material makes them fully non-corrosive. The pliers have excellent ergonomics. They can work even better with insulated gloves without any threat of damage.