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    SPX FLOW Power Team Releases New Motion Control System (MCS) The Power Team MCS digitally controls the movement of an object, keeping it level within the user specified parameters. The primary reason to use a Power Team MCS is Internal Stress Reduction. When a large object is stationary, internal stresses are normalized. When the object is moved, stresses are induced. If the operator is not careful, the object can bend or twist creating a stress riser that can cause costly repairs or damage. “Concrete and weldments are especially susceptible to increased stresses during movement due to their brittle nature, ” says Weijiang Chen, Sr. Engineering Manager, PhD Structural Analysis. “If these objects bend or twist too much, they will crack. The biggest danger is when micro cracks are formed, which are very hard to detect. These micro cracks will propagate over time and can lead to an unexpected failure at some point in the future.” The Power Team MCS will assist in controlled lifting, lowering or positioning to manage the stresses created by synchronously lifting or lowering the object in unison. “User and load safety were two of the driving factors during the development of this product, ” commented Jonathan Schroeder, Global Product Manager. “The Power Team Motion Control System (MCS) has numerous safety features built into the digital controller which safely stop the movement in the event of an alarm. In addition, there are backup mechanical features which function even in the event of a power loss.” The large, 12.1” touch screen puts all relevant system status information at the users fingertips. The system also provides documentation for the movement performed. A data log can be exported to a memory card, imported into a computer and stored as a permanent record of the job. The SPX FLOW Power Team Motion Control System is flexible and allows for synchronized movement of 2-8 measurement points. It comes standard with a 50 gallon (150 L) hydraulic oil reservoir and is capable of keeping all lifting points synchronized to as little as +/- 1 mm (0.040 in). The Motion Control System includes standard hydraulic couplers, so there is no need for specialized hoses and it can be used with any Power Team cylinder.
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